How much does Parquet Flooring cost?

While Parquet Flooring definitely adds value to your home it is also one of the more expensive floors. How much does Parquet Flooring cost depends of several factors. For example where you live, quality, quantity, parquet variety and if you do it yourself or pay a contractor. You also have to count the cost of preparing the subfloor, this might include a leveling compound which is mixed with water, then poured on the subfloor where it will flow to the low spots and level the floor. Then there are the cost of the glue, sanding, parquet varnish or oil, paint rollers, baseboards and power glue to fix them. Since I opened my construction business in 2012 many of my customers want to know how much does Parquet Flooring cost. 

In 2022, engineered Parquet Flooring cost around 15 $ to 50 $ per square foot in the United States. In Germany it generally ranges from 100 € to 250 € per m2. High end jobs with rare Hardwood flooring can run as high as 100 $ per square foot or 1000 € per m2. 

But let’s find out how can you estimate how much Parquet Flooring cost for your project in the place where you live?

How do you calculate Parquet Flooring Cost?

First of all you have to find out how many square feet respectively square meters your floor has. Then add 5-10 % to the result for cuts and waste. If you have a relatively square room 5 % will do but if you have many doors or your room has corners or is  somewhat triangular you should add up to 10 %.  

There is a great variety of Parquet flooring. It depends on the quality of the layers. Most important is the quality, thickness, processing of the wooden surface of the hardwood layer but also the bonded backing material is a cost factor. Then the cost of Parquet depends on wood used for the hardwood top layer. I tried to find the cost for Parquet flooring in three different Countries. Of course there are much more Countries and therefore price differences. But maybe You could help me. In time I would like to enlarge the number of tables below. Please write in the comment section and let me know prices in your country, so that more people can benefit.

Hardwood Flooring Engineered Prices by country 

Brooklyn Bridge

United States

Wood SpeciesUnitLowest PriceHighest PriceAverage Price
PineSqft1,49 $4,99 $3,24 $
OakSqft1,98 $7,99 $4,99 $
MapleSqft2,99 $7,99 $5,49 $
BellawoodSqft3,89 $12,99 $8,44 $
Prices LL Flooring January 2022
Niagara Falls


Wood SpeciesUnitLowest PriceHighest PriceAverage Price
HickorySqft10,90 $15,37 $13,14 $
OakSqft4,49 $15,37 $9,93 $
MapleSqft3,99 $5,50 $4,75 $
American WalnutSqft3,89 $14,45 $9,17 $
Prices Lowe’s Canada January 2022
Sydney Opera Hall


Wood SpeciesUnitLowest PriceHighest PriceAverage Price
Blackbuttm235,01 $35,0135,01
Oakm222,41 $56,81 $39,61 $
Spotted Gumm235,01 $35,01 $35,01 $
Grey Iron Barkm243,76 $43,76 $43,76 $
Prices Fortune Timber flooring January 2022
Brandenburg Gate


Wood SpeciesUnitLowest PriceHighest PriceAverage Price
Beechm232,20 €34,95 €33,58 €
Oakm230,50 €87,37 €58,94 €
Maplem257,90 €57,90 €57,90 €
Walnutm266,90 €89,96 €78,43 €
Prices January 2022

The foregoing tables contain only a small variety of wood species. It should only give you an idea. 

Why is parquet flooring so expensive?

by Tim Bekaert

When buying parquet, you have to choose from different species of wood. Oak  is a relatively cheap wood, which is therefore very inexpensive to purchase. A parquet made of walnut, on the other hand, is in the middle price segment. However, if it is a rare type of wood, the price of the floor is high. Take for example the olive tree. The olive trees in the olive groves are pruned for a better harvest so that they remain smaller. In general, the following rule applies: the crooked and gnarled, the better the yield. So it does not have much wood for harvesting because it can only be processed when the tree no longer bears fruit.

Then there is the surface processing. Many customers like to have a higher living comfort. They like to feel the pleasant warm effect on walking barefoot on their parquet flooring. The wave-like texture which comes if parquet is brushed, hand planed or scraped adds to this comfortable feeling. But comes generally with higher production costs and therefore is more expensive.

Also the choice of sorting makes a huge difference in the price. The super rustic grade includes knotholes and other chunky elements. Since most of the tree (except for the bark) can be processed for these products, the coarse sorting is much cheaper than a fine sorting.

We should not forget that all of this is influenced by our personal taste. Sometimes a cheaper parquet could be as beautiful as a much more expensive one. 

One important think you should also keep in mind is the thickness of the top hardwood layer. A thicker top layer allows to sand the parquet flooring more often and therefore it will last much longer. 

What additional costs do I have?

First of all the subfloor needs to be prepared. This could mean that we need to level bumps or fill holes with leveling compounds. One important advise I want to give you in advance. Never, never, never save on cheap material including leveling compounds, glue, varnish or oil. The preparation of the subfloor is somewhat more extensive with adhesive installation. In addition to the points already mentioned, a dispersion primer is recommended for adhesive laying of parquet. The next step should be to check for possible cracks in the subsurface. Even the smallest cracks can limit optimal adhesion. Cracks should therefore be filled with suitable liquid resin products.That’s said many home owners choose to hire a contractor if the subfloor is very uneven.

The floating installation of parquet makes hardly any demands on the subsurface. A dry, level, abrasion-resistant and clean surface is sufficient to prevent damage to the parquet. Pretreatment with dispersion primer is not necessary in this case. An insulating and leveling underlay can be used. The manufacturer provides information on this.

Parquet adhesive

Which parquet adhesives are there? Not every parquet adhesive is equally suitable for gluing your parquet floor. If you want to lay your parquet with glue, the adhesive must match the laying material. For full-surface gluing, it is advisable to determine the base area of ​​the area to be glued and to calculate 1.20 kg of adhesive per square meter or respectively 45 square feet per gallon.

Silane-based parquet adhesive

Silane-based parquet adhesives are the most modern variant they remain permanently elastic after curing. Unlike normal adhesives, they give the parquet the opportunity to “swell” and “shrink” in small dimensions. This increased flexibility pays off especially with parquet on underfloor heating. This is because high tensions form in the parquet. Conventional glues quickly give in and the wooden floor detaches from the subfloor. Silane-modified parquet adhesives remain elastic even after years and give the wood space to work.

Dispersion parquet adhesive

Dispersion adhesives for parquet are still very common. They get by with a very low proportion of solvent (usually less than 3%). The inherent odor is therefore very limited. And it definitely the healthier stuff. Dispersion parquet adhesives can also be used by no professionals without any problems. Just like all other parquet adhesives, it is applied with a so-called notched trowel which you can get for under 10 $.

2K-PU parquet adhesive

2K-PU (PU = polyurethane) parquet adhesive is the perfect adhesive for professional installers. As the name suggests, it consists of 2 components. If these are mixed together, a chemical reaction occurs which allows the parquet adhesive to harden within a few hours. 2K PU parquet adhesive bonds parquet and subfloor incredibly well. However, if it is not processed quickly enough, the adhesive effect is lost. In the worst case, the parquet adhesive has to be scraped off the floor and reapplied.

Parquet adhesives cost around 130 $ per 3 Gallons or around 8 € for 1kg. Better quality glues will cost a little bit more. Again never cut corners with budget adhesives you might run into big problems later.

Price for sanding

For a DIY job you could hire yourself a sander for around 80 – 100 $ on a daily basis. But you should consider that you also need some small sanders and they will cost additionally. You might consider to hire somebody to sand your parquet floor because professionals have the experience and equipment to do the job. Contractors take 3 – 5 $ per square feet or 25 – 45 € per m2. But you might save the money of sanding and sealing your new floor if you decide to buy already processed engineered parquet flooring. This has the additional advantage that there is much less dirt installing your new floor.

Parquet varnish or Oil

How much does parquet oiling or varnishing cost? Along with wax and varnish, oil is a common way of sealing parquet. To seal one m2 you need to calculate 2,5 – 3,5 € or for one square foot 0,25 – 0,35 $. Don’t forget to get a quality paint roller for oil or varnish and if you are not finish the job in one day or you want to oil the floor twice get always a new roller. A very important warning notice. Be carful with the used rollers they can self-ignite. Many throw them into a bucket of water overnight. Many fires started this way so be very careful.  


Solid wood baseboards are best suited for real wood floors. Whether the solid baseboards should be oiled, waxed or varnished can be decided according to taste. Most of them are already processed. White baseboards also go well with natural wood floors, especially if white furniture, windows or doors have been chosen. With white ones, you should also use lacquered solid wood baseboards or use veneered ones with a solid wood core. Baseboards average from 2,50 € to 18 € per meter or 1 $ to 7 $ per foot dependent on size and quality. 

Hiring a contractor

In may professional opinion Parquet floor installation is usually best left to contractors. There are many mistakes that can be made. And if you do it yourself getting experienced while doing a job is not always giving you the cheapest or best results. And do not get to excited if you watch some YouTube videos. I mean it is possible to DIY but it is definitely not easy. I am from Germany and work as a carpenter for almost 30 years now and there are some jobs where we had real difficulties. It doesn’t just happen that you do a three-year apprenticeship in our country. To find a good contractor is often worthwhile. Still if you are a handyman and want to try to install your parquet flooring on your own it is, in my opinion, much easier to use engineered floating floor. You can take your time and do not have to work with glue. Mistakes are also easier to fix. Remember that for doing a good quality job you also need to have well maintained professional tools. Get yourself new cutting blades and keep all your tool sharp and tidy. How much will a contractor cost? It certainly depends on the job. But you could calculate 25 to 40 % of labor cost. It might help to contact a contractor and ask for  an offer. It might not be as expensive as you might think and you get a warranty.


How much does parquet flooring cost? It depends on many factors. It is for sure not the cheapest floor you can get for your money but it adds a great value to your home not only in retail but also in warmth and cosiness. Also in view of the environmental and health aspects parquet flooring has much to offer and is a product from nature. This you can feel right away. Parquet is also sustainable and lasts for a very long time if cared for properly. If you like to find for example if parquet flooring is suitable for kitchens click here. Since I just started this blog it would be so very helpful to let me know what kind of questions you have or what kind of articles you would like to read. I will try to respond to your wishes.

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